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 Music Jack Whites Third Man Records Collection Vol 1-25 And Extras MP3VBR Beolab1700
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AddDate: Tuesday, 20th August 2013
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Torrent Description


Jack Whites Third Man Records Collection Vol 1-25 And Extras MP3VBR Beolab1700

      Third Man Records Collection

Artist...............: VA
Genre................: Rock Blues Bluegrass Alternative Folk
Source...............: Vinyl
Year.................: 2013
Ripper...............: EAC (Secure mode) / LAME 3.92 & Asus CD-S520
Codec................: LAME 3.82
Version..............: MPEG 1 Layer III
Quality..............: VBR 256/320kbps)
Channels.............: Stereo / 48000 hz



Third Man Records is an independent record label founded by Jack White in Detroit, Michigan, in 2001.
Third Man established its first physical location — a combination record store, performance venue, and
headquarters for the label — in Nashville, Tennessee, in 2009. Third Man releases some music on compact disc
and via electronic release on iTunes, but vinyl records are its primary format.

In addition to pressing titles on regular black vinyl, some releases have been issued on colored and multicolor vinyl.
Beginning with TMR-003, a limited edition handmade batch of 100 tri-colored 7" vinyl, in equal parts black, yellow,
and white, were produced for exclusive distribution at Third Man's Nashville location. Beginning with TMR-009, an additional
50 tri-colored vinyl have been pressed for random distribution in Third Man mail orders. Certain single releases have been
sold on tri-colored vinyl available at record stores in the artist's hometown instead of at the Nashville store. An additional
50 are still randomly distributed in mail orders. The first double LP issued in the Third Man catalog, The Dead Weather's Horehound
(TMR-008), consisted of one regular black vinyl and one half white/half yellow vinyl. A portion of these were sold at the Nashville
location, but the majority were sold at Third Man Records and Novelties East, a temporary store in New York City.


About This Download

This brings together my complete volumes of 1 to 25 in one handy torrent and also includes a few records that I uploaded independently of the collection. In sort
everything under the Third man flag that I have released to date, but does not included any of the videos ( you will have to search out each volume for those ) but audio
ripped from DVD releases are in here to.  So what do we have? This is not a complete to date collection but its probably the most extensive download you
will currantly find. We have 7 inch, 12 inch 45, and 12 inch 33 albums from the Blue and Green series, stardard releases, Limited releases and of course
the very exclusive 'Vault' packages.  All artwork ( where available ) is included and the Tagging is corrent and standardized.  All files are in MP3 format
and most are 320kbps, I've used the best possible quality where available.


Please see the torrent contents for complete tracklistings and contents.  

And keep looking out for the next Volumes, cause they are coming..

Till then Enjoy.  

Posted by............: Beolab1700 on 17/08/2013



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