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Q: What is BitTorrent And How Do I Download From This Site?
Ans: BitTorrent is a (p2p) peer-to-peer file protocol used for the distribution of files on the internet.
The Reason Bittorrent is fast becoming the recommended means of downloading or uploading content to the internet is because of its ease of use and high speed transfer. In order to download any torrent from this site all you need to do is download any 1 of the following bittorrent client programs from the following list install it and then you will be able to click on any of the torrent links on the site and download.


Any unanswered questions or for a more indepth knowledge database you can look here:

1.Brian's BitTorrent FAQ and Guide
2.The official BitTorrent site
Q: what is Magnet Links?
Ans: Magnet Links According to the original BitTorrent design, .torrent files are downloaded from torrent web sites (usually index sites). Upon downloading the file the BitTorrent client calculates a 20-byte SHA-1 hash of the info key from the .torrent file which it uses in the query made to the tracker (or to the DHT Network) to uniquely identify the torrent and find out IP addresses of other peers sharing that torrent, to which it will subsequently connect and download the contents referred in the .torrent file.
Magnet Links take that a step further, since they contain embedded as a parameter, not the link to a .torrent file but instead, the info-hash value already calculated for that specific torrent file. Therefore, by clicking on a Magnet Link your client gets the info-hash of the torrent passed to it, which it further uses to query the DHT Network and find other peers which share that torrent, just as in the case above. The only major difference is that your client will first download the .torrent file from one of the peers. Once it’s obtained the .torrent file, it will be able to begin negotiating standard BitTorrent connections with the rest of peers which it got from the DHT Network (and possibly through PEX).
As you can see, the .torrent file is still needed by the client at some point in the bootstrapping process (since it contains crucial information needed to perform the downloading operations) but you don’t have to rely on a tracker anymore and you don’t even need to download the .torrent file from a website anymore in order to initiate a download; it is sufficient that it be present on the DHT Network.
BitComet/Utorrent/Azureus implemented support for Magnet Links
Q: Why should I Need to register at
Ans: You will have additional features, Like Uploading torrent, post comments on torrent, ask help, chat with site Members & other many more site features.
Q: How To Create a Torrent?
Ans: All information you can find here How to create a torrent & Upload
Q: What is a .torrent file?
Ans: This is a small metadata file. Metadata here means that the file contains information about the data you want to download, not the data itself. Your BitTorrent client needs the .torrent file to connect to the tracker and download the data you want.
Q: What are seeds?
Ans: A seed is a client that has a complete copy of the data of a certain torrent. Once your BitTorrent client finishes downloading, it will remain open until you click the Finish button (or otherwise close it). This is known as being a seed or seeding.
Q: What are leechers?
Ans: A leecher is a client that is currently downloading a torrent. Generally a leecher does not have the complete file, otherwise it would be called a seed.
Q: What is a tracker?
Ans: A server on the internet that acts to coordinate the actions of BitTorrent clients. When you open a torrent, your machine contacts the tracker and asks for a list of seeds and peers to connect to.
Q: I want to know more about site usage and downloading torrent
Ans: All information you can find here A Generic Guide to Torrenting
Q: I upload 6 torrent but i can't upload more torrents why?
Ans: We have filter on uploading to protect our members/downloaders/visitors from fake uploaders/spammers/retagers so after 6 torrent uploaded, system will stop you to upload more torrent until site staff will verified you torrent until you get Verified Uploader
Status, you can ask for your torrent verification Here and staff will check & verify your torrents asap.
Q: Again after 50 torrents uploaded i can't upload more torrents why?
Ans: After 50 torrents uploaded Member need to Apply for Trusted Uploader
Status, you can ask for Trusted Uploader
Status Here and site staff review your account to grant you Trusted Uploader
Q: What are the site statuses and rights?
Ans: SilverTorrent have following Members rank/status

1. Site Boss
2. Staff Leader

3. Administrator

4. Moderator

5. VIP

6. Trusted Uploader

7. Verified Uploader

8. Member

1. Site Boss have no color & no icon, the one who is Site owner. You can't check account for Boss.

Staff Status

2. Staff Leader
: Has almost all rights as Site Boss and handle site all matters & actions.

3. Administrator
: This Site Rank is the next after Staff Leader. have most of moderation rights & powers.
 1. Can Add/Remove Trusted Uploader
Status, Verified Uploader
 2. Can Verified Torrents.
 3. Can issue warning to members.
 4. Can block members account.
 5. Can ban members IPs.
 6. Can edit/delete torrents.
 7. Can add feature torrents.
 8. Can grant site special icons/status.
 9. Can choose member of the week.
 10. Can post articles.
 11. Can edit/delete chat.
 12. Can Moderate Forum.
 13. Can disable members rights from (uploading/comments/forum/send message).

4. Moderator
: This Site Rank have only moderation rights & limited powers.
 1. Can Add/Remove Verified Uploader
 2. Can grant site special icons/status.
 3. Can Issue warning.
 4. Can  block members account.
 5. Can Verified Torrents.
 6. Can Moderate torrents.
 7. Can Moderate forum.
 8. Can disable members rights from (uploading/comments/forum/send message).

Member Status

5. VIP
: is one of the most respected status of site and only get by donation $ to site, this status granted by only Site Boss and none other site staff have power to add/remove this status.

6. Trusted Uploader
: is the biggest Uploader & high respected status of site.
To be Trusted Uploader Status you need to:
  • Must have 1 month (at least) register account.
  • Must have 50 torrents with 20 GB data.
  • Must have good reputation on site.
    you can read more about how to get Trusted Uploader Status Here.

    7. Verified Uploader
    : is the new Uploader Status of site but they are Verifed by staff.
    To be Verified Uploader Status you need to:
  • Must have 3 days (at least) register account.
  • Must have 12 torrents.
  • Must have good reputation on site.
    you can read more about how to get Verified Uploader Status Here.

    8. Member : is normal/common register member &  have site basic rights.

    Extra Status

    There are two type of extra status on site
    1. Achievement Status
    2. Information Statuses

    1. Achievement Status:
    Site Friend
    Member of Week
    Dragon Master
    Site Lover
    ST Man
    Crazy Junkie
    ST Baby
    ST Rabbit
    Troll King
    Santa Claus
    Can be added & removed by Site Staff.

    2. Information Statuses:
    Retired Staff
    SilverRG Encoder
    SilverTorrentHD Encoder
    Movie Master
    Can be added & removed by Site Boss only.